5502A Multi-Product Calibrator

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Robust, transportable solution to match your workload and budget

  • Calibrates a wide variety of electrical test equipment
  • Robust protection circuits prevent costly damage from operator error
  • Ergonomically designed carrying handles make the 5502A easy to transport
  • Rugged carrying case with built-in handles and wheels and removable front/rear access doors for in-situ calibration in almost any environment
  • Current output that extends to 120 A when paired with the 52120A Transconductance Amplifier
  • Remarkably affordable

The 5502A calibrator covers many of the most common items in your workload, including:

  • Handheld and bench meters (analog and digital) to 4.5 digits
  • Current clamps and clamp meters
  • Panel meters
  • Electronic thermometers
  • Chart recorders
  • Oscilloscope recorders
  • XY recorders
  • Data loggers

Summary Specifications

Function & range 
Direct volts0 to ± 1020 V
Direct current0 to 20.5 A
Alternating volts1 mV to 1020 V 
10 Hz to 500 kHz
Volt*Hertz1000 V@ 10 kHz/330 V@100 kHz
Alternating current29 ?A to 20.5 A 
10 Hz to 30 kHz
WaveformsSine, square, triangle, truncated sine
Resistance0 ? to 1100 M?
Capacitance220 pF to 110 mF
Power (phantom loads)20.9 kW
Phase control0.01°
Thermocouple (source and measure temperature)B, C, E, J, K L N R, S, T, U 
10 ?V/°C and 1 mV/degC
RTD (source temperature)Pt 385-100 ?, Pt 3926-100 ? Pt 3916-100 ?, 
Pt 385-200 ?, Pt 385-500 ?, Pt385 1000 ?, 
PtNi 385-120 ?, (Ni120), Cu 427 10 ?
InterfacesRS-232, IEEE 488
Frequency uncertainty<25 ppm
Calibration Documentation17025 accredited report of calibration included
Oscilloscope calibrator (optional)Levelled sine wave from 5 mV to 5.5 Vpp max, frequencies 50 kHz to 600 kHz; edge rise times of < 300 ps, multiple trigger functions, lowest dc, square wave and timing uncertainty
Current boost transconductance amplifier0 to 100 A dc, 0 to 120 A ac, dc to 10 kHz, up to 6000 A with accessory current coils