Fluke 113 Digital Multimeter

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Fluke 113 Digital Multimeter

The Fluke 113 Digital Multimeter gives users the means to quickly and easily do basic testing. It is easy to-use and has the features needed to repair most electrical problems. The Fluke VCHEK™ LoZ low impedance measurement function lets users perform tests for voltage or continuity from the same dial position. The meter displays ac or dc voltage, depending on what was detected, while rejecting ghost voltages from adjacent wires. The meter’s low impedance will also trip powered GFCI and RCD circuits when measuring Phase to Earth, providing a fast test of circuit protection. If no voltage is detected, a continuity test is performed.

The Min/Max function lets you record signal fluctuations. The Fluke 113 digital multimeter can perform diode tests, and also provides both auto and manual ranging capabilities. With features such as conformance to the latest safety standards, backlight, and a much larger display that’s easier to view, this meter is a must have for every toolbox.

Other useful features

  • VCHEK™ LoZ low impedance measurement function to test for either ac or dc voltage, or show continuity if voltage is not detected.
  • True-rms for accurate AC measurements on non-linear loads
  • A large backlit display allows for easy visibility in low-lit areas
  • Record signal fluctuations using the Min/Max function
  • Diode test for testing general-purpose germanium, silicon, and power diodes
  • Integral holster with probe holders for easy storage
  • Auto and Manual ranging for added user functionality
  • Meets CAT IV 300 V standards for a higher level of safety
  • The optional TPAK magnetic hanger allows the user hands-free flexibility

For Utility Worker, Linesman, Electricians, Technicians, basic electrical testing


  • Fluke TL75 test leads
  • Holster
  • User manual
  • 9 V battery (installed)
VCHEK1 2 3Range6.000 V / 60.00 V / 600.0 V
Resolution0.001 V / 0.01 V/ 0.1 V
AccuracyDC, 45 to 500 Hz: 2.0% + 3
500 Hz to 1 kHz: 4.0% + 3
Diode test4Range2.000 V
Resolution0.001 V
Accuracy2.0% + 3
Continuity4AccuracyBeeper on < 20 ?, off > 250 ? detects opens or shorts of 500 ?s or longer
?4Range600.0 ? / 6.000 k? / 60.00 k?
Resolution0.1 ? / 0.001 k? / 0.01 k?
Accuracy0.9% + 2 / 0.9% + 1 / 0.9% + 1
Capacitance4Range1000 nF / 10.00 ?F / 100.0 ?F / 9999 ?F
Resolution1 nF / 0.01 ?F / 0.1 ?F / 1 ?F
Accuracy1.9% + 2
100 ?F - 1000 ?F: 1.9% + 2
1000 ?F: 5% + 20
1. All VChek voltage ranges are specified from 60 counts to 100% of range. Because inputs below 60 counts are not specified, it is possible and normal for this and other true-rms meters to display non-zero readings when the test leads are disconnected from a circuit or are shorted together.
2. Crest factor of ? 3 at 4000 counts, decreasing linearly to 1.5 at full scale.
3. Minimum measureable input in VCHEK autorange is 3 VDC. For measurements below 3 VDC, push Range button twice to get to 6 VDC manual range.
4. After measuring voltage, a wait time of 1 minute is required to maintain accuracy of ohms, capacitance, diode test, and continuity.
Maximum voltage between any terminal and earth ground600 V
Display3 3/4-digits, 6000 counts, updates 4/sec
Operating temperature-10°C to 50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Storage temperature-40°C to 60°C (-22°F to 140°F)
Temperature coefficient0.1 x (specified accuracy) / °C (< 18°C or > 28°C)
Operating altitude2,000 m
Storage altitude10,000 m
Relative humidity95% to 30°C
75% to 40°C
45% to 50°C
Battery type9 Volt Alkaline, IEC 6F22
Battery lifeAlkaline: 300 hours typical, without backlight
Size (H x W x L)167.1 x 85.1 x 46.0 mm (6.58 x 3.35 x 1.81 in)
Weight13.0 oz (404 g)
SafetyIEC 61010-1: Pollution Degree 2
IEC 61010-2-033: CAT III 600V
EMI regulationsComplies with FCC Part 15, Class B
VCHEKInput impedance (nominal)~3 k? < 300 pF
VCHEKCommon mode rejection ratio
(1 k? unbalanced)
> 60 dB at DC, 50 or 60 Hz
?Open circuit test voltage< 2.7 VDC
Full scale voltage< 0.7 VDC
Diode testOpen circuit test voltage2.7 VDC
Full scale voltage2.000 VDC
?Short circuit current< 350 ?A
Diode testShort circuit current< 1.0 mA