Fluke 714B Thermocouple Calibrator

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Fluke 714B Thermocouple Calibrator offers high accuracy thermocouple temperature calibration the easy way

Fluke 714B is a handheld, battery-operated instrument that measures and sources a variety of thermocouple types and millivolts. Calibrates a linear thermocouple transmitter with the mV source function and measures mA while sourcing temperature. It also provides linear ramp and 25% step auto ramp functionality based on 0% and 100% settings.

Put those capabilities together with its rugged construction and ease of use and you have an ideal test tool for temperature calibration professionals who want a highly accurate, single function thermocouple temperature calibrator

Other useful features:

  • Calibrates linear TC transmitter with mV source function
  • Provides linear ramp and 25% step auto ramp based on 0% and 100% settings
  • Dual inputs and backlit display for easy interpretation of measurements
  • Remembers power down settings to easily restart tests when powered up
  • Provides one-year and two-year specifications and traceable certification of calibration
General Specifications
Maximum voltage applied between any terminal and earth ground or between any two terminals30 V
Operating temperature-10°C to 50°C
Storage temperature-30°C to 60°C
Operating altitude2,000 m
Storage altitude12,000 m
Relative humidity (% RH operating without condensation)Non condensing
90% (10°C to 30°C)
75% (30°C to 40°C)
45% (40°C to 50°C)
(Without condensation)
Vibration requirementsMIL-T-28800E, Class 2
Drop text requirements1 m
IP RatingIEC 60529: IP52
Electromagnetic environmentIEC 61326-1, Portable
SafetyIEC 61010-1, Max 30 V to earth, Pollution Degree 2
Power supply4 AA NEDA 1.5A IEC LR6 batteries
Size (H x W x L)52.5 x 84 x 188.5 mm
Weight515 g
DC mA Measurement
ResolutionRangeAccuracy (% of reading + counts)
0-24 mA0.001 mA0.010% + 2 ?A
Temperature coefficient±(0.002% of reading + 0.002% of range) /°C (< 18°C or > 28°C)
Millivolt Measurement and Source
ResolutionRangeAccuracy (% of reading +counts)
-10 mV to 75 mV0.01 mV0.015% + 10 ?A
Temperature coefficient±(0.002% of reading + 0.002% of range) /°C (< 18°C or > 28°C)
Thermocouple Input and Output
TC TypeRange (°C)Measure (°C)Source (°C)
1 year2 year1 year2 year
E-250 to 200°C1.
-200 to -100°C0.
-100 to 600°C0.
600 to 1000°C0.
N-200 to -100°C1.
-100 to 900°C0.
900 to 1300°C0.
J-210 to -100°C0.
-100 to 800°C0.
800 to 1200°C0.
K-200 to -100°C0.
-100 to 400°C0.
400 to 1200°C0.
1200 to 1372°C0.
T-250 to -200°C1.
-200 to 0°C0.
0 to 400°C0.
B600 to 800°C1.
800 to 1000°C1.
1000 to 1820°C0.
R-20 to 0°C2.
0 to 100°C1.
100 to 1767°C1.
S-20 to 0°C2.
0 to 200°C1.
200 to 1400°C0.
1400 to 1767°C1.
C0 to 800°C0.
800 to 1200°C0.
1200 to 1800°C1.
1800 to 2316°C2.
L-200 to -100°C0.
-100 to 800°C0.
800 to 900°C0.
U-200 to 0°C0.
0 to 600°C0.
BP0 to 1000°C1.
1000 to 2000°C1.
2000 to 2500°C2.
XK-200 to 300°C0.
300 to 800°C0.
G100 to 300°C1.
300 to 1500°C1.
1500 to 2320°C2.
D0 to 300°C1.
300 to 1500°C1.
1500 to 2315°C2.
P0 to 1000°C1.
1000 to 1395°C2.
M-50 to 100°C1.
100 to 1000°C1.
1000 to 1410°C2.