LT505: Pocket Light Meter

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Wide Range Foot-Candle/Lux Light Meter

Extech’s pocket-sized autoranging Light Meter offers wide light intensity ranges measuring up to 40,000Fc (400,000Lux) with high resolution to 0.01Fc (0.1Lux). Ideal for indoor lighting tests and for checking security and safety illumination in parking garages, night time ATM areas, stairwells, landings, and hallways.

SpecificationsRangeMax ResolutionBasic Accuracy
Foot-Candle (Fc)99.99Fc, 999.9Fc, 9999Fc, 40,000Fc0.01Fc±3%rdg + 3 digits
Lux999.9Lux, 9999Lux, 99,990Lux, 400,000Lux0.1Lux±3%rdg + 3 digits
Dimensions5.3x1.9x0.2" (133x48x23mm)
Weight8.8oz (250g) with batteries