MO25: Moisture Pen

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Compact moisture meter for wood and building materials

The Extech MO25 is a pen styled moisture meter that is light weight, compact and easy to use with field-replaceable pins. After selecting one of ten moisture levels the user is signaled via audible alert and LED indicator lights that the object being tested surpasses the given threshold. This moisture pen features a data hold function, battery level check and automatically powers off when not in use. Use on wall board, sheetrock, cardboard, plaster, concrete and mortar. Complete with two pins (installed), protective cap, built-in pocket clip, and one AAA battery.

DisplayDual scale red and green LED lamps
Measurement principleElectrical resistance
Measurement Range5 to 40 %WME
Electrode pinsIntegrated, replaceable
Auto Power OFFAfter 1 minute (with reading <5%)
Power supply1x1.5VDC AAA battery
Battery status indicatorsLamps indicate status on power?up
Meter housingImpact?proof plastic
Dimensions136 x 25 x 21mm (5.4 x 1.0 x 0.8")
Weight33g. (1.2 oz.) without battery