MO50: Moisture Meter

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Compact Pin Moisture Meter

The MO50 is a compact pin moisture meter. MO50 displays moisture level in wood and building materials such as wall board, sheet rock, cardboard, plaster, concrete and mortar. This product is complete with pins (installed on meter), protective cap, and 9V battery.

Sensor TypeContact Pins
Wood Moisture Range5 to 50%
Other Building Materials1.5 to 33%
Wood Moisture Icon LevelsLow: 5% to 11.9%; Medium: 12% to 15.9%; High: 16 to 50%
Building Material Icon LevelsLow: 1.5% to 16.9%; Medium: 17% to 19.9%; High: 20 to 33%
Dimensions/Weight6.7x2.6x1.2" (170x65x30mm) / 4.2oz (120g) battery not included