SMC LET-400-RD Test Equipment Primary Injection

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The LET range addresses test applications that require high levels of AC or DC current, typically primary current injection. The generation power of the various models ranges from 1,000 to 8,000 VA or Watt.

The output voltage is adjusted by means of a variac at the primary winding of the output transformer. The injected current is measured and displayed by a built-in digital ammeter. We provide several output taps in order to better adapt the voltage range to the connected load’s impedance. This also makes adjustment of lower currents easier, while maintaining the throughput power. The integrated digital chronometer measures the time from the activation of the output until a change is detected in an external voltage or dry contact, with 1-millisecond accuracy. Some LET versions feature a motorized variac for applications that require a greater separation between the power output and the control & regulation panel.

The output transformers are especially designed and constructed to withstand maximum currents up to more than 20,000 A depending of the selected model. A built-in thermal trip protects the unit against overheating automatically. At nominal current (indicated in each model’s name), the output transformer’s temperature will stabilize itself providing continuous injection on the connected load. However, higher currents can be attained for limited periods as long as the connected load (including the test leads) falls within the unit’s output power. Please refer to the duty cycle chart of each model in this catalogue to select the one that fits your particular application best.
General Specifications
AC Voltage outputN/AN/A220 V/4 A
DC Voltage outputN/AN/A220 V/4 A
Aux. DC SupplyN/AN/A0-50/110/220 Vdc - 1/0.5/0.25 Adc
Power1,000 VA
Open circuit voltage (tap)0-138 V (10 A) / 0-27.5 V (50 A) / 0-6.9 V (200 A) / 0-3.45 V (400 A)
Supplied test leads2 cables, 3 meter / 10 ft. length , 95 mm2
Power supplySingle-phase 110/230 VAC (specify), 50-60 Hz
Consumption5.5A @ 220V5.7A @ 220V5.9A @ 220V
Dimensions (mm)
340 x 370 x 250
48 x 53 x 55
 460 x 370 x 250
18 x 14 x 10
Weight (unit only)22 Kg. / 48 lb24 Kg. / 53 lb25 Kg. / 55 lb
AC Voltage Ranges / Duty Cycle Chart
On Time / Maximum Current
TapNo-load VContinuous60 min.15 min.3 min.1 min.1 sec.
400 A3.45 V400 A600 A800 A1,100 A1,400 A2,500 A
200 A6.90 V200 A350 A400 A550 A700 A1500 A
50 A27.5 V50 A75 A100 A138 A175 A325 A
10 A138 V10 A15 A20 A27.5 A35 A65 A
 15 min20 min20 min30 min 
 OFF (cool-down) time at 25ºC / 77º F